The Shorter Passing Periods: One minute can make a difference


Erith Won, Reporter

The bell rings. Students are out of the classroom in a flash to hurry to their lockers or their next class. This year we barely have any time to go to our lockers before going to our next class, much less talking with friends. Why? That’s because we have shorter passing periods.

Last year we had five minute passing periods, but this year we only have four. When I first heard this, I thought ‘Oh. Well, one minute isn’t really a big difference.’, but now, I realize that that one minute is pretty crucial. Especially when you have to stop by your locker, and your next class is on the farthest side of the building and on a different floor.

The sixth graders may not know what this means because they weren’t here last year, but most of the seventh and eighth graders should know what I am talking about. Some students say the shorter time period is like a death sentence, but some others say it’s alright because they can still get to their classes on time.

For eighth graders, most of their classes are on the fourth floor, but some of their classes may be on the first floor which takes some time to get to. As for seventh graders, most of their classes and lockers are on the third & fourth floor, and sixth graders have lockers on the first floor and maybe just one class on the fourth floor, so they should be alright.

Also, to compensate for the shorter passing periods, this year we are allowed to go outside of the buildings even if you don’t have any classes in the portables. Teachers open the doors when the bell rings so you can go outside. It’s much easier than having to walk the long way inside the campus.

So, although we have shorter passing periods, we can at least walk outside the school to get to our classrooms on time!