Artists of Canyon Vista

Zack Catuogno, Reporter

School is always put as a first priority, but with art classes available to young artists, they can learn, and take part in their passion, while still being educated in a way. Art enriches and inspires, and having that available at school is an important factor of becoming a balanced and creative person.

Here we have 3 art teachers who have dedicated their days to teaching us. “I’m trying to create a balance between all your other core classes using critical thinking, and fine art classes using creative thinking. This balance allows you to become a more well-rounded individual.”, says Mr. Jesus Ramirez, art teacher of 10 years.

Students of all grade levels take part in and enjoy art, whether through classes, or in their personal time. “I mainly draw because it’s how I can express myself through a creative outlet,” Evan Sewell (6) said, sketchbook in hand.

Some students not only are passionate in art, but also other forms of expression. “I think that I can show my talents in different ways, and when I do art I can let my emotions come out through my fingertips. Dance is another way I express myself, but I enjoy art too.” Sasha Kleinman (8) said.

The over-reaching message is that the art programs here are an important part of many student’s days, and inspire, teach, and enrich all grade levels.