GSA: A Club Overview

Keana Saberi, Reporter

The GSA (The Gay Straight Alliance) is a club run by Mrs. Crain, one of our school’s theater teachers and Mrs. Bruce, a sixth grade special education teacher. The two work together to create a positive and sheltered environment for the club members to vent and to discuss serious and important topics in a confidential way.

The club is held on Fridays at 7:45am in room 256. Primarily student run, the club  focuses on positively impacting those who attend the meetings. During the club meetings, different and unique activities engage the students as they converse and socialize with one another.

The members can discuss anything on their minds  as the organization is inclusive to everyone wishing to join in the student body to encourage the spreading of kindness, not intolerance or hatred.  Many Round Rock faculty and staff have supported the club as it provides a safe space for those who wish to discuss hushed topics such as bullying and bias towards individuals.

This organization, though fairly new in its beginnings,  has become a secure haven for many and a form of expression with their fellow classmates.  As a school community, groups and organizations like this are important as they symbolize that no one is ever alone and that there is  someone or a collection of people that can  aid and support you  throughout life’s ongoing troubles. The club is rapidly expanding, with hopes that it will beckon an enthusiastic  and positive message across the school as a whole.