How Do Gym Renovations Affect Sports?


Due to a leaky roof and a rotten floor panel, our gym is closed until December for repairs. That means that the volleyball, basketball, and  PE classes are being affected by the lack of gym access. But what do our Mustangs have to say about the gym?

  • “It is annoying that we can’t use the gym for volleyball practice in the morning, because it means that we have to be at school at 6:15 in the morning so we can take a bus to Westwood and practice,” Desi Davalos (8) said.
  • “I haven’t thought about it yet, but I guess because we have our basketball tryouts in the morning before school and the gym won’t be ready. I think we’ll go to Westwood and play super early,” Aadhi Raja (7) said.
  • “I just want the gym to be ready so I can play basketball and be cooler inside,” Suley Shah (6) said.

Clearly, our Mustangs want the gym back. But when will we get back inside? According to Ms. Hagerty, our principal, it will be sometime after Thanksgiving break, but before Winter break. That means no socials, no basketball, no gym at all until December, at least. But we’ll tough through it. We’re Mustangs, and being strong is what we do.