Cross Country Overview


Alexia Clamou, Reporter

Cross country is a club held in the morning by the P.E coaches. The club starts at 7:15 in the morning and ends at either the time you finish your running or whenever the bell is about to ring. In the morning when we get there we have two options. We either go into the locker room and change into our P.E clothes or we can choose to run in our normal clothes. Whenever you are ready to start running you need to initial a sign up sheet so that the coaches know who participated.

Whenever everyone is ready we go down to the track and line up to wait for Coach Mc.Kinley who is the track coach, so that we can start our warm-up. After a warm-up lap and some stretches we finally get to hear what distance we are running.

After getting in position Coach says ready, set, go and everybody starts running. Whenever you are done Coach tells you your time and tells you to go change in the locker room.

There is track meets every week usually on Thursdays. That’s basically why you go to practices in the morning. The coaches give you a uniform the day of the competition during your P.E class and you are all ready to go.

For the competition days you take a bus from school that drives you where the meet is taking place and the bus also takes you back to school after the meet.

Cross country club is a good way to stay fit because you only show up and start running. The season already started, an you’ll have to wait until next year to join, but  if you want to learn more about Cross Country, visit Coach McKinley.