Bake & Eat Club

Bake & Eat Club

Last Thursday, the Bake & Eat club launched their second meeting. They had planned on baking red velvet cupcakes. At first, the meeting went slowly, due to the fact that there were new members just getting to know the club.  Currently, there are 38 members in the Bake & Eat club, when there were only originally 30 allowed to enter, which makes the classroom a bit cramped.

However, once Mrs. Slaughter, the sponsor of the club, urged the students to stop arguing and start baking, the progress steadily increased. Angela Liu, president of the club, divided the students into two groups. Each group would have to share the supplies and make their own batch of cupcakes. A list of ingredients was handed out to each group and the students got to work. By that time, more than half an hour had already passed.

The clock was ticking as the students scrambled for the ingredients. “It was really chaotic and people were shoving and fighting for bowls.” Angie Hu (7) said. Once the groups calmed and started to share ingredients instead of fighting for them, the work went smoothly. First, they mixed the batter and a lot of red food coloring with an electric mixer. Then, when the groups were ready, they poured the batter into the molds and pushed them into the oven. By that time, an hour was already gone.

But the students couldn’t rest yet. Dirty bowls and utensils were piling up in the sinks and had to be used, so some students took up the job. The icing still had to be made, and the best time to make it would have been while the cupcakes were baking. The students still needed bowls, spoons, and other utensils to make the icing, and the “dishwashers” had to move fast.

Finally, the job was complete, and the students could finally ice the cupcakes and munch into their hard work. They all knew they were definitely going to the next Bake & Eat meeting.