Lunch Room

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

Students here on campus I think we have a pretty big cafeteria in my opinion. I like how we have flags from multiple countries hung up from the roof and how we have a stage in front of the lunch tables.

The periods in which the students eat are 4th, 5th, and 6th period. During our lunch periods we get 25-minute advisory and 25 minutes for eating. In my old school we didn’t have advisory but we had an hour for lunch and we could do homework whenever we were done eating.

I think that we should be able to have around 40 minutes of lunch and maybe a little bit less of advisory time. I personally have time to finish my lunch in time, but I always see people that are not done eating when the bell rings.

Something that might be causing trouble for students to finish their lunches might be the lunch line because it can get really long if you are one of the last students to arrive.I think that instead of having two lunches with huge lines we should have three lunches so that the lines are shorter.I think that they should even allow to leave advisory earlier or make it shorter. If we use our advisory time to get our lunch we can actually call the 25 minutes lunch time and not get your food line.

“It is really chaotic because all of the students are yelling because people are cutting the line and since it is very loud the lunch ladies try to scream so that people quiet down but it never works because you can barely hear anything,” Lucy Wassmuth (7) said.

“I think that they should organize it a little more,” Ariel Sun (7) said.

I think that in general we should just have more time to eat and more time to have a break off classes.