Why We Are Having A Break This Week: Columbus Day and Staff Development Days

Erith Won, Reporter

As you may already know, this weekend is a four-day weekend. Why? Well, today is Christopher Columbus Day. Columbus Day is one of the 10 official federal holidays, meaning that federal workers get a break on that day. Students like us also get the day off.

The reason we celebrate Oct.9 as Columbus Day is because this is the day Christopher Columbus ‘found’ America. In 1492, Columbus accidentally found the ‘New World’ and claimed it as Spain’s. He was looking for an easier way to Asia and instead discovered what is now America.

However, Columbus isn’t the real founder of America. Truthfully, there were already people inhabiting the ‘New World’ and he was basically an invader. Also, he claimed America as Spain’s even though there were already people living there. Some people are protesting, saying that Columbus Day shouldn’t be celebrated, but it’s not that easy to get rid of a holiday that’s been celebrated for many years.

Some students say the holiday is fun. “I really enjoy the break off.” Ryan Tay (8) said.

“I like it because there is no school.” Nathan Won (6) said.

Even though many people are protesting about the holiday, it’s still a break from school that students like.

However, most students are against the holiday. “Columbus was a man who should not have been celebrated.” Eric Gao (8) said.

We should not celebrate it because Columbus is a jerk back then and we should change the name to something else.” Anh Nguyen (8) said.

Others don’t like it because of the addition of homework they get for the long weekend.

“It gives you more homework.” Samuel Ngai (8) said.

In addition to Columbus Day, we have another day off. Instead of a three day weekend, we have a four-day weekend because the staff are having a development day.

So, do you enjoy the long break, or does celebrating Christopher Columbus bother you?