Introducing French Club

There is one statement that is truly obvious. While this world we live in is full of mysteries, dark and daunting, it is also radiant, vast and full of much to learn. Everything it swarms you with is memorable, whether it is good or bad. Luck is always lingering by your side, for the world offers a grand amount of knowledge for your brain to consume. And since you have the opportunity and many choices, everything can be flawless. It is beneficial to learn about a variety of things, like cultures and languages. We present French Club, as a great option to be at.

French Club enjoyed crêpes while on their field trip last Spring. Photo by Marlo Mattioli
French Club enjoyed crêpes while on their field trip last Spring. Photo by Marlo Mattioli

It’s a bright, spectacular club filled with bubbly people. “I love working with such motivated, global citizens who are enthusiastic to learn more about the French language and Francophone cultures,” stated Madame Mattioli, French Club sponsor and French teacher. It truly seems to be a special place.

And it is special, with every member expected to be thoughtful and sympathetic. The club also does a community service project where they sing holiday songs at Heartland Health Care Center. This is a nice, sweet thing to do that seems very enjoyable.

Every year, the French Club takes one field trip to a place of French relation. In past years they went to restaurants and museums. It is a chance for the students to relax and also a fun and effective way to learn and study the French lifestyle.

Bonbons are a popular candy dispersed from students in French Club. They sell these sweet treats for $1 a pouch to raise money for fundraising.  The diverse flavors are strawberry, green apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry. However, because they are very delectable, they sell out fast, though if you join the club you do get first pick.

The members celebrate Mardi Gras, which is a French event that is full of many things to do. During the holiday, they eat galette des rois, which is a scrumptious treat that translates to King Cake in English. One of the slices of the cake contains a figurine. Whoever gets that slice will act as king for the day and will have to serve the next cake.

French Club first meets on Monday, September 23rd and will meet every other Monday at 3:30 p.m. It is in room 425. Everybody, even if they do not take French, is welcome. It’s a beautiful language and there are many lovely French-speaking countries. Take a deep breath and explore into the wonders of the French Club.