Tennis Club

Students warming up on the Westwood tennis courts during the beginning of practice. Photo by Grace Liu
Students warming up on the Westwood tennis courts during the beginning of practice. Photo by Grace Liu

The sound of the racket striking against the fuzzy lime green ball echoes through eight tennis courts as Mustangs race around. Our school has several clubs students can choose from based on their interests, including MATHCOUNTS, Makers Club and many more. Tennis Club is one of those clubs that Canyon Vista provides. By participating in these clubs, we have extended the potential of our college resume and our overall future, another good reason why joining clubs during youth years are so important.

One of the perks of being in Tennis Club is that you get an abundant amount of exercise during every club meeting. The meeting starts off with warming up with fellow students. After warming up, the volunteer coaches from the Westwood High School tennis team will help the students improve by feeding balls and practicing drills, such as the Ten-Ball Drill. Then, the coaches will allow the students to play some tennis-related games. Tennis Club let’s you have lots of fun with the friends you hardly ever see, while still giving you lots of exercise and practice for inactive muscles that aren’t commonly used.

With the loads of homework that every teacher assigns us students, we barely have any time to do anything else in our free time. Everyday, we come home overwhelmed with loads of homework that everyone dreads. With Tennis Club, two birds are killed with one stone. While working hard for something that looks great on a college application, we are also spending rare time with our precious friends. All while burning calories and toning muscles as well.    

Again, with the abundant amount of homework we get almost everyday, we sometimes need a small break. Playing tennis releases hormones which helps the brain grow healthier brain cells and repair damaged ones. It is also scientifically proven that any sort of exercise can assist people that are struggling with depression and students that are stressed out with the many tests we have in our school. To learn more about how physical activity affects the brain, click here.    

The Tennis Club is sponsored by Coach Govea, who is dedicated to bettering each and every player. Starting from January, practice was held at least once a week from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at Westwood High School. Every so often, there are intense tournaments against our rivalries. We are currently nearing the end of our season, so Mustangs, if you missed out on this year’s Tennis Club, make sure to join next year for a fun and exciting time!