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April 12, 2018

Lanschool has been around in Canyon Vista for about a year now, most people don’t like it and find it very annoying and others think it helps them focus. Lanschool is basically an improved way to monitor and communicate with students through technology among many other directives. Some of the things you can do are monitor students, teach, communicate, remove distractions, and finally, saves time. Lanschool Classroom Management software keeps students engaged and learning, in a safe digital environment, this way you can promote collaborative learning, minimize distractions, and spend more time teaching.

A big feature of Lanschool is that teachers are able to monitor students by using the Thumbnail view to quickly see each student’s screen from a distance and keep them on task.They can use a chat function to communicate and help students with their project. Another feature is that teachers can see your entire class from any device OS including Chromebooks, Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android. Other features such as Screen Snapshot, Internet History, and Keystroke Monitoring help maintain a safe environment for everyone.Another convenient thing with Lanschool is that teachers are able to teach more effectively by broadcasting the teacher’s screen to the rest of the class, selecting students’ screens to showcase their work, and easily co-browse the internet, so students go exactly where you want them to go.

The communication features found in LanSchool help teachers more effectively communicate with students within the classroom.  Teachers can audio chat, send a message to assist a student, chat with an individual or group of students and answer questions quickly. Finally, the last big feature of Lanschool is the Blank Screens feature allows you to focus students’ attention on the front of the classroom by blanking all student screens. This helps teachers keep students focused and on task by limiting their access to specific websites and applications and directing them to the assignment or application.

In my personal opinion, I don’t really like Lanschool because teachers usually use it to shut down people playing rather than the actual uses listed above. Most teachers go on Lanschool and watch your screens, and when you start playing a game the take over your screen and close the window. It’s not being used for educational purposes rather monitor students and to keep students working. I think it’s a good thing that teachers are using Lanschool, but sometimes teachers overuse it. What I mean by that is some teachers use every other time they aren’t teaching.

“Lanschool is cruel and I feel it is useless. It is a big invasion of my privacy,” Jamal Booker (8) said.

“I feel Lanschool is kinda annoying, but nothing has changed for me, it is basically the same as the old security thing,” Daniel Chen (8) said.

What do you think about Lanschool, is it good or is it bad?


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