The Reality of Private Schools

The Reality of Private Schools

Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

When you think of private school you think of a big castle filled with rich kids who wear school uniforms and get into amazing colleges and have no fun but to be honest, when I went to private school I realized that it was a totally different story.

The first thing is that there are like seven kids in each grade level so its more like the school is a one on one tutoring session. The second thing is that wearing a school uniform isn’t that bad. Everyone always complains about the idea but when you actually have to wear one it’s not that bad, plus it’s nice not having to have a fifteen-minute breakdown when you can’t choose what to wear.

Private schools also have dress down day too where on certain days you can wear what you want. For my private school, we had dress down days every first Friday of the month and the third Wednesday.

The next thing is when the expectation is a big castle but it actually is a small old girls dormitory. Not everything is like what it looks like in gossip girl. Most of the kids weren’t rich at all. Their parents made the same as much as a normal worker in an office building. Not every kid gets into Harvard or Yale since it is mostly the kids choice of college and how much work he/she wants to put in although private school usually has exceptional teachers who will try to do everything they can for their student.

If there is a really lazy kid in private there might be a chance that the kid doesn’t get into an ivy league or even college. So when you think about a private school you don’t have to think about a sixty-meter high castle but more of a really big house. And not all the kids are snobby and have rich parents.