What is Good Friday?


This Friday, March 30th, we have an off day for school due to the religious holiday Good Friday. And although everyone is happy for another three-day weekend, many people do not actually know what Good Friday is or why we get to leave school for it. But, if you learn more about it, you will find it is more important than you would ever imagine.

The most important holiday in the entire Christian religion is called Easter. Celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21st, Easter has more recently become a celebration of the coming of spring. But, its main purpose is to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection.




Jesus Christ is the main holy figure in the Christian religion. It is said in the bible that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday after having died two days earlier. And what is two days before a Sunday? A Friday. So, the Friday before Easter, Christians around the world fast, rest, and go to church to mourn the day that Jesus died.