Q&A with Ambica Yellamraju


Ariel Sun, Reporter

Ambica and Aparna Yellamraju are seventh graders here at our school. They play competitive chess for the nation. Here is a Q and A with Ambica.

Q: When did you start playing chess?

A: I started playing chess in second grade, but I started playing competitive chess in fourth grade

Q: When was your first tournament?

A: My first tournament was in second grade

Q: Who do you play for?

A: Right now I play for the US team.

Q: Where have you traveled for chess?

A: I have traveled to all over South America and all over the US.

Q: Do you play people who speak a different language than you?

A: Yes, mostly Spanish speaking people.

Q: How many chess sets do you own?

A: I own around 25 chess sets.

Q: How long have you played chess?

A: I have played chess for about 3 to 4 years.

Q: How long was your longest match?

A: My longest match was 6 hours.

Q: How long was you shortest match?

A: My shortest math was 5 minutes.

Q: Have you ever won a national championship?

A: No, but I am on my way to win many in the future!