She Kills Monsters : A Step In The Right Direction

She Kills Monsters : A Step In The Right Direction

Zack Catuogno, Reporter

“She Kills Monsters” is the newest play being put on by the 7th and 8th-grade theatre students. “She Kills Monsters” follows Agnes Evans as she tries to reconnect with her sister Tilly, who died in a car crash three years prior. The only way for Agnes to find closure is through Tilly’s game of “Dungeons and Dragons” — which Agnes has no idea how to play. And, Agnes happens to be gay.

While the play does not revolve around her sexuality, it is not ignored.

Usually, media involving the LGBT community is made for more adult audiences, or members of the LGBT community only, and cannot be understood by even non-members.

But “She Kills Monsters” is breaking down that wall in our very own middle school.

“The fact that our school is putting on a play that involves an often misunderstood and bullied group is amazing,” Evan Sewell (6) said.

Having a middle school theatre produce a play that has a lesbian as the lead character is a huge step in the right direction. When other students see a story about someone their age, that happens to not be straight, it normalizes the LGBT community and puts it on a scale that can be easily digested.

While many students don’t accept this or ignore it, the reality is that many kids their own age happen to be part of the LGBT community. Regardless of age, you can still be aware of who you love, and who you are.

The play is led by Mrs.Crain, who is not only the theatre teacher but the sponsor for the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, which is a club and community meant to give students at our school a safe place of acceptance.

In conclusion, having a play like “She Kills Monsters” being produced in our school is a step forward for LGBT acceptance, especially in a middle school, where bullying runs rampant.

She Kills Monsters was performed on Thursday, April 12th, and Friday, April 13th. All donations made to the play were donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of the Deerpark Middle School theatre teacher who recently lost her battle with breast cancer.