Are IB Classes Worth Taking?


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At Westwood High School, the high-school destination for all of our middle school and Grisham offers a program called International Baccalaureate, or IB. The worldwide-recognized program is made to enhance your knowledge in all skills, with high-level fine arts, foreign language, and core classes. The idea is to promote world peace and development by education and to use school as a way to create future scholars and world leaders. Enrolling in the IB program will expose you to the best teachers, the best courses, and the most opportunity to get the best education possible. Plus, IB classes give you a big advantage to get enrolled into a top college, an Ivy League school, or a good school in other countries.

But, of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Most courses in IB are much, much harder than on-level, TAG, and AP classes. The IB classes also give close to twice as much homework as the other courses.

“I know people that have gone into depression because of the workload of IB. But I get why people want to take it because it looks a lot better on your college applications and if you want to go to a school like Harvard or Princeton, it will help you get there,” Tate Booknis (8) said.

“My brother is taking IB Spanish and history, along with playing Varsity soccer as a freshman, and he always says that it is worth it. It’s going to help him get more recruiting attention, plus it gives you a better understanding of the subject. For some classes, there isn’t even that much extra work, just more in-class stuff to do,” Diego Djordjevic (8) said.

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