Book Review: Heartless


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Spoiler Alert: Beware of the Queen of Hearts-she will have your head.

We all watched Alice in Wonderland and saw the horrible Queen of Hearts. But have you ever wondered what happened to her before she was Queen? Heartless tells the story of our Queen and how she became so cruel or if she ever was.

From a different point of view our Queen may just have had her reasons. Catherine is a seventeen year old girl who lives in Hearts. Her mother has only eyes for the crown and will do anything to get her daughter to marry the King. On the other hand Catherine loves to bake and has always dreamed of opening a bakery,  which as a Queen she wouldn’t be able to do. One day she is invited at a ball where the young King has a surprise for her including a ring. That ball will be the best and worst day of Catherine’s life. That day she met Jest, the Joker, on a mission and she will learn the real intentions of the King. After that day nothing will ever be the same. Catherine is falling in love. A love she knows she can never have. Ripped between duty, disappointment, love and her inevitable fate she will have to choose before it’s too late. The mysterious Queen of Hearts is angry and wants everybody’s head. For love and for revenge she will do anything. Better watch out Alice, the Queen will be your end. From the author of the Lunar Chronicles Marrisa Meyer invites you to watch how fate no matter what will be executed. At any price.

If you are brave enough you may even go to the library and ask for Heartless!

PS: Do it now because our heartless queen will be in next year’s lone star books-they are then hard to borrow from schools!