Canyon Vista General PTA Meeting Notes

Canyon Echoes

By Nathaniel Thomason (6th grade student) 

*Nathaniel is our PTA student representative

At the PTA General meeting we talked about multiple things. There is still one position left on the PTA Executive board:  a Mustang Strong position, similar to Spicewoods Watchdogs but it is also for female members. Next year it was voted that there would be a change in PTA fees to give more parent options the proposed options were:

  • Student price: $5.00

  • Teacher/Staff price: $7.50

  • SIngle Membership: $10.00

  • Dual Membership Package: $25.00 (2 regular memberships and a $5 donation)

  • Triple Membership Package: $30.00 (2 regular memberships, a student membership and a $5 donation)

The clothes closet winner was Westwood High School, and Canyon Vista contributed about 1200 items.

The next thing available to our community will be a Canyon Vista Partnership Alliance which will be similar to the Westwood Ambassadors program. As a PTA we reached our goal to get the Early Bird award which means we have recruited 100 percent of the members we had last year by September, 30, 2016. The PTA currently has 912 members. PTA’s next goal is the Golden Apple award for recruiting 100 percent of Canyon Vista Staff and Faculty into PTA. Our next social is November, 11, 2016 and our  Teacher appreciation lunch was held Tuesday October, 11, 2016. We raised over 10,000 dollars in our “No Fuss Fundraiser.”

 The PTA welcomed The Life Steps Council On Alcohol and Drugs as a special speaker. This is an organization that monitors drug and alcohol use throughout Texas. They provided information on drug use and alcohol abuse throughout RRISD. If you want to read further click on this link discretion advised. Remember if you ever see something suspicious say something tell a teacher or any adult. If you want to do it anonymously the anonymous report is linked here. This is especially important to be aware of with Halloween in the near future.