Should School be Delayed One Hour?

Students work very hard every day of the school year, but they wake up very early the next day to go back to school. Don’t they deserve a break? I propose that all schools should start one hour later than their current time. That way, all students get the break they deserve. With most extra-curricular activities and homework, most middle school children are only able to go bed at 9 pm, and then forcing them to wake up early to come to school, do assignments, and take tests when tired.

Delaying school by an hour every day. would not only help the students but would help the school overall. Researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal found that children who had a better quality sleep performed better in math and languages. So the more sleep the students get, the better grades they get, making the school a better place. Researchers at Oxford University and Harvard University recommend that schools base their start times on the “biological wake up times” of the students.

We found that 14% of the variability we found in math …was explained by sleep deficiency,” said Reut Gruber. “It was 7% and 8% for English and French.” So our brains start to function in the afternoon, and we should not strain teenagers by forcing them to come to school early in the morning. Many teachers and students agree with me.