13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is the new NETFLIX series, that was released March 31st. Starring  Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro, Justin Prentice. Selena Gomez was supposed to be a part of the cast but she kindly declined, and instead was a director for the series, so people can focus on the main story instead of her. This series started off as a book titled 13 Reasons Why by author Jay Asher.

The story behind this mini-series has many strong messages such as what people can do if people drive them to the edge, and also that people are crucial as if they’re bullying right in the person’s face or, just a bystander — neither one is okay.

Clay Jensen was sent cassette tapes from his late friend, and crush, Hannah. There is only 13 tapes and each tape is dedicated to a person who caused Hannah to commit suicide. Little does Clay know he’s in for an adventure with listening to the tapes, the people who want to keep him quiet about the tapes and will stop at nothing, but Hannah’s little helper will make sure that he continues listening  and stay out of dodge with the other guys.

Many people at this high school drove Hannah to commit suicide as if they were doing the bullying themselves or just a bystander. Hannah had been through a lot and was only a sophomore in high school. Kids talked about her body, touched her inappropriately and she had enough.

During this series you get to see the point of views from Hannah and Clay. Hannah shows what went through and Clay shows his adventure through Hannah’s tapes. In this series you learn how cruel people in high school can be, how people you thought were your friends will stab you in the back in a second, or how guys only have on mindset on a girl.