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Westwood Student Election 2018

April 18, 2018

This year in Canyon Vista, students are voting for their Westwood Student Council Officers. This happens every year, with students running for their desired position. The main competition is for the Westwood Co-President, but others are running for Freshman representative. This election is big because this will affect high school for 8th graders, and who we elect will represent our school. Everyone is open to voting, and the choices this year are fantastic.

In order to cast your ballot, you must go to your student email and look for “Westwood 18-19 Student Council Officer Vote.” After clicking the email, you must fill in your current grade, and your advisory teacher’s name. The next step is to vote for who you want for your Freshman Co-President. the two contenders are Aria Hegde and Zeyad Elchouemi, both of which who have large gatherings of voters. The other option is to vote for your Freshman representative, which are Varun Ramesh, James Thompson, and Rachel Iyer.

I had the special chance to interview one of the people running for Westwood Co-President, Zeyad Elchouemi. Here are some things he said about the Student Election.

When I asked him about what makes him different than the others running, he gave a motivated response. “I’m not going to be that one person promising you everything and says that I’m going to make us feel better. Instead, I’m here to hear everyone out and all the decisions that they want. I’m going to take into consideration everything and talk with whoever I’m working with.”

One thing I have noticed that all the contenders are pushing is for us to vote for who we want. Wheather it’s on Instagram, or word by mouth or just simple posters, this election is shaping up to be unique. Remember, if you want to vote, you must cast your ballot by Friday, April 20th.


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