Ceiling Tile Painting


Erith Won, Reporter

While walking through school and sitting in class, you can view the amazing art that the previous eighth graders have left on the ceilings. There are beautiful paintings, ones with internet trends (The Duck Song for example), and some with meaningful quotes and pictures. Some are funny, too. There’s even one with a dragon on the Eiffel Tower spitting out fire and baguettes!

On Saturday, April 14th, Mrs. Loera, Mr. Ramirez, and Mrs. Pollard allowed 8th graders taking Art, to come to school and leave a last mark, just like the eighth graders from before. The event lasted for about 5 hours, starting at 9 AM and ending at 2 PM. The three art teachers had brought food(donuts, brownies, popcorn, and soda). Students laughed and talked while working on their tiles. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed as well. It was definitely an event that everyone attending would remember for a long time.

Later on, around 11:30, Mrs. Loera ordered pizza. Everyone took a break to eat and then went back to work. Most of the students finished on time and left, but some students used all the time, and still had to work on their tiles later at school.

This event was organized by the art teachers, and they bought all of the food themselves(this was not funded by the school) and spent time for us to have fun in our last year. I want to thank them for letting us do this. It truly was a fun day for me and my results were more than just satisfactory.

Anywho, all of the tiles make for wonderful additions to the school. Some are hidden in inconspicuous places and hallways, while others are stared at every single day. Many are really good, and some may not be as nice, but in the end, it’s really the thought that matters. As long as everyone had fun, then I think it was worth it.