JR “How to change the world”


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

JR is an influence to all. Between his own exhibitions and his street work we are all left astonished. In 2011 he launched the Inside Out project which is a project WE can participate in which consists in taking photos to display for a certain cause.

Three years before that he made the “Women are Heroes” exhibition in which women were given the recognition they deserved. But one of his most famous project is the “Face 2 Face” Sidewalk Gallery made in 2007. This one relied all on similarities of common people. JR went to Israel and took pictures of people making faces. Then he went to Palestine and took pictures of  people who did the same jobs as the Israeli. Finally he pasted the giant photos side by side on the wall separating the two counties (note that they are in war) to show how we aren’t so different after all. JR mostly focuses on solving social problems between groups of people using photo pasting. He takes photos relevant to the issue and pastes them is designated locations. JR’s artwork is all over the world.

Sometimes he cannot paste because of the different laws in different countries but he always finds a way. In India he was told that he couldn’t paste pictures so he pasted white paper. Here is the twist: on that paper some of the parts were sticky and when dust or color powder got in contact with it, it slowly revealed the image. This is genius. This is the way we should be solving problems. Jr says “Art wasn’t made to change the world but it can.” and I agree. His peaceful way to protest are to be admired and copied. Don’t try to save the world, just try to change it.