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The Rise and Fall of Jeremiah Chestnut

May 11, 2018


On December 15, 2017, a video appeared on Canyon Echoes. The video was called “Pick-Up Truck”. The video was edited by Zack Catuogno, and produced by Branton Greenberg, who represented the Proud American Record Company. Chestnut was responsible for writing, singing, and composing the little song, with its awe-inspiring lyrics about America and hamburgers and hot dogs by the flaming, burning fire. he song represents true American Patriotism.

The song went viral and achieved a whopping 143 views. Here is an interview with the international music sensation himself.

Interviewer: What inspired you to compose the song “Pick up Truck”?

Chestnut: So, as you know I am a true American man, and I watch football every day. So one day, my momma came up to me and told me to write a song. And that’s when I realized my hidden talent. So my momma is the inspiration for me to become an international sensation, as some like to call me. She also gave birth to me, so that definitely helped.

Interviewer: So why write a song about American patriotism?

Chestnut: Well, I am an excellent example of an American patriot. And when I was writing my song, I decided to write about myself. In my mind, I represent the classic symbol of American, the pickup truck. So the true meaning behind “Pick up Truck” is it’s actually about me. I AM THE PICKUP TRUCK. THE PICKUP TRUCK IS ME!!!! (Incomprehensible rambling about flags and dogs)

Interviewer: Mr. Chestnut, are you alright with me asking a personal question?

Chestnut: Go ahead. As long as it’s not about my anger issues.

Interviewer: I’ll just get right to it then. What have people been wondering about is why did you fall?

Chestnut: What do you mean? Could you please elaborate on that?

Interviewer: It has almost been five months since you wrote your last song? What happened, Jeremiah?

Chestnut: Well, I got really into steak massaging. It’s very hypnotic. I’ve been trying to write some rap, but that’s… gotten nowhere.

Interviewer: What’s your opinion on Oliver Barnfield, who produced your music video?

Chestnut: As long as he supports America, I like him.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, Mr. Chestnut.

Well, that’s all we got from our conversation with the one hit wonder.

So to sum it all up, we don’t know when Jeremiah Chestnut will write his next song or if he will write one at all. What we do know, is that many will remember “Pick up Truck” as the song by that guy, whose name no one can remember.

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