School Shootings


Erith Won, Reporter

Our citizens keep on talking about terrorists and foreign powers attacking our nation, but in reality, the country is breaking from the inside. YouTubers and teenagers are going berserk and shooting innocent people. However, school shootings were always present in this country. There were many in the 19th and 20th centuries, but they can’t compare to the amount of the shootings in the 21st century. People say that the shootings right now aren’t as bad as before, but it’s not true. We aren’t even a fourth through the century and yet we have so many casualties and deaths from the school shootings.

According to CNN’s article, ‘There Has Been, On Average, 1 School Shooting Every Week This Year’, there have been about 22 school shootings this year, and as you can tell from the title, there has been at least one shooting a week, on average.

The latest, in Santa Fe, Texas, although not one of the worst, was still terrible, as there were at least 8 deaths. And it is saddening to hear that the cause of the deaths was because of a rejected crush. Of course, any normal person would be upset by a rejection, but not to this extent. Shooting up a school and killing innocent people is not the way to show that you are unhappy. It’s a shame that there are people who think that way. It is honestly so upsetting that deaths have been caused just because their feelings weren’t reciprocated.

And, while the ongoing negotiations with North Korea and other wonderful events are great and all, we should still focus on the youth of our country. In what kind of hands are we leaving our country to? Are they stained with blood and calloused from carrying and shooting guns? Or are they safe and trustworthy?