Books : What About Them?


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Have you ever wondered why books are so popular all over the world? Well, because they are awesome but also because they give you an escape from the real world. You get attached to the characters and even sometimes feel like you know everything about them. But do you know everything about books in general? Here are 13 facts about books in general:

  1. There are over 129 million different books in the world. Count that and the numbers of copies available for each book and you’ve got billions.
  2. The first book to be written on a typewriter was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” after that books were much more common since they were easier to write.
  3. The 3 most read books in the world are “The Holy Bible”, “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung” and “Harry Potter”.
  4. Books used to be chained to their shelve to prevent any stealing.
  5. There is a word for someone who loves books-bibliophile.
  6. The longest sentence ever printed was 823 words. For representation, this article is a little more than 300 words. This person did not know when to stop.
  7. Alice has really existed and the book “Alice in Wonderland” was based on this little girl.
  8. People in India have been said to be the biggest readers in the whole world. They read an average of 10.7 hours each week.
  9. It takes an average of 475 hours to write a novel. You have to have a lot of patience.
  10. If you are reading a book and you find it boring, it is most likely that you will give up at page 18. Random but true.
  11. The people who read the most are the 10-17 of age and the 50+.
  12. 68% of all books have been bought by women.
  13. It would take approximately 60 000 years to read all the books in the world today. SOmething only a vampire could do.

Of course, there is so much more to say about books but this is as far as I will go. Have a great summer and don’t forget to READ!