JustMyOpinion- Top 5 Worst Animated Movies

JustMyOpinion- Top 5 Worst Animated Movies

Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Ah, movies: A favorite of so many people across the world. They can become some of the best pieces ever, take The Incredibles as an example; that movie was absolutely incredible. Today I’m going to show you the opposite of those. Enjoy! (oh wait, never mind.)


Freebirds is the tale of Reggie the turkey as he realizes the truth about the farmer that owns him and his friends. He tries to warn the rest of the flock that the farmer is fattening them to be eaten for Thanksgiving, but the flock passes him off as crazy. Reggie then is picked as the pardoned turkey and gets to relax in the white house. Then, a turkey named Jake drags Reggie away from his relaxed life to his true calling: getting turkey off of the first Thanksgiving menu once and for all. The plot of this movie doesn’t have a very good flow. It doesn’t have very many things to keep you interested and it is very dull and uninteresting.

#4-Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

This story revolves around how Alvin and the gang get stuck on a deserted island. They fall off a cruise their owner hang-glides off the ship onto the island to try and find the chipmunks. It then rolls into a bunch of pop songs and internet references, making this movie seem even more immature and childish. The cast of the movie was promising, but the team behind the movie clearly didn’t know what they wanted, and the movie has so many different plots that it’s hard to tell if they’re trailers or a movie.

#3-Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes is a sequel to the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, but doesn’t have the wit or plotline of the original, making it a complete bore. This movie follows Gnomeo and Juliet when they move to the big city with their human owners, so the entire crew is moved to a new garden. Soon some of the crew is stolen by a villain that has been stealing garden ornaments all around London. Soon Sherlock Gnomes is added to the mix and It’s up to him to stop the villain and track him down. The plot is predictable and will not hold interest for more than 10 minutes.  This movie is mediocre at best and this definitely is not some of Pixar’s best work.

#2-The Bee Movie

The Bee Movie is an okay movie, but the poor performance and flat animation aren’t showing the full extent of dreamwork animation’s best ability. This movie was only making money because it turned into a meme, and because it features Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson: the main character of the movie. He tries to sue the human race for taking bee’s honey and selling it as their own. The side plot revolves around him and the love interest named Vanessa. Vanessa helps Barry sue the human race. The plot is very repetitive and boring.

#1-The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is hands down the worst animated movie I have ever seen. Watching The Emoji Movie is like watching a 1 hour and 31-minute ad for about $10 except you don’t get $10 the theatre gets it this was just a way for the producers to make more money.Tthis movie is a monstrosity and it seems absurd that anyone would like this movie.