Girls vs Boys Athletic Clothes


Aliyah Carter, Reporter

Are you currently in girls athletics and don’t like your clothes?  Do you think it’s unfair we don’t get dri-fit clothes?

I really think that girls should get Dri-Fit clothes because we don’t like cotton clothing. From wearing it enough it gets really stinky and very sweaty. I personally really want Dri-Fit. That the locker rooms won’t also stink as bad if we had the students wear Dri-fit. Because the locker room really stink and I really want to make it stop.

DriFIT is a high-performance fabric that moves sweat away from the body. So clothes that are wet wouldn’t keep all the sweat locked in.

In conclusion, I really think that we should get Dri-Fit because they are very comfortable and we don’t have to go to class all nasty smelling and disgusting. I wonder why they gave the boys Dri-Fit and not the girls? They should really actually give everybody Dri-Fit instead of just the boys.

In my opinion, we should all come together and voice our opinion about our clothes we use on a daily basis working out.