Opinions Are Apparently A Crime Now

SPOILER (This is just an article of me screaming about how no one takes my opinion lightly anymore.)


Andrew Watson, Reporter

A new crime has seeped over our city…speaking freely.

So, in this day and age, everyone has the right to have opinions and speak freely right? HA, NO! It’s common knowledge that America declared it’s independence from other people. (DEM BRIT BOIS) and something they declared that we have the right to speak freely. So I’m allowed to say, “Oh, I don’t really like that thing,” Right? NOPE! America became free a long time ago, but there are still many, MANY people who still believe in the old idea of “You cannot speak freely.” Like for example…

Parents. For some unknown reason, they believe that since you are their child, you have to obey their every command and listen to them ALWAYS and NEVER talk back. But, aren’t we free to say whatever we want to anyone? Not in their books. We have all spoken our simple opinion and then gotten told not to “talk back.” There is a huge difference between talking back and speaking an opinion. \

On top of that, the world is full of some people who physically cannot take other people’s opinions! You do realize that people DON’T have to agree with you, right? It’s just their OWN ideas. That’s why people say “in my opinion.” They are not trying to CHANGE your opinion, they are just SAYING what they think.

I really cannot understand why people get so mad over this stuff. Some people out there believe that THEIR opinion is the only opinion that is truly important. And that’s really sad. People are testing the choices of freedom of speech. So, of course, it’s OUR job to fix that.