Challenges in Middle School

Challenges in Middle School

Jessie Van Den Berg , Editor

We all face challenges, especially us in middle school. Canyon Vista an outstanding school, but no matter how amazing the school is you will still face the challenges they throw at you in middle school. There are many different types of struggles you may have while going through grades 6-8. The Social aspect, Academic aspect, Organizational aspect, Locating and Memorizing aspect.

The Social aspect. For some, meeting new friends is the hardest. Why? Going from a school you have been at for at least a year, with your collected group of friends. Then coming to a school where there are 2 other elementary schools the size of yours. There are going to be plenty of new people that you and your peers are going to meet. For some, that can be scary. 

The Academic aspect. All teens no matter what grade or age will face this complication. Some people might have math as a struggle and then going into middle school math, you think you are going to absolutely fail it. You might need tutoring, it could be hard, and you just get so stressed. This could happen for any subject you take in school. 

The Organizational aspect. Some people are neat freaks and some can leave their stuff all over and not care. Neither of which is “good or bad”. But, when you start 6th grade you will have to learn to become organized if you want to get homework done on time. Remember you have a test the next day, and be able to find things in your locker.

The Locating and Memorizing aspect. When you enter middle school you transfer to a whole new environment. Which means that you have to know visually where everything is located from your classes, bathrooms, and cafeteria, to the attendance office, nurse, and library. Relating to that, knowing your schedule is a HUGE part of becoming a “middle schooler”. That is basically one of the key responsibilities that you get in middle school and up. It’s one of the things you do not need to worry about in elementary. Memorizing it front and back is extremely important.


Now that you have learned about the challenges in middle school, let’s look at how we can overcome them.

The Social aspect. As it can be scary to meet new friends and open up out your comfort zone. Here are some ways you can overcome that struggle. Be friendly to everyone, and there are going to be people you really want to get to know better, and some you just wish they were not in your class. But, as long as you are kind to everyone you will be known as a kind, honest person. For the people you think might be candidates for new friends. Go up and introduce yourself. Also, if that might be too scary at first, go ask your old friends to introduce you to there new friends if they have any. Meeting new people can be nerve-racking but being scared about losing your old friends is a whole different story.  Being afraid of losing friendships is normal. How could you lose a friend? Maybe you have completely different schedules and you never talk to them in school or out of school. That just means that maybe when you have free time hang out with them. Putting yourself out there is the thing that will give the most opportunity to create new and improved old friendships. Everyone is feeling the same way you are.

The Academic aspect. One thing that is so cool about CVMS is that all classes offer tutoring. All teachers have different times and days. So, if you have trouble over a concept you are learning stay after school or go before and for just 20 minutes get some clarification and understanding. This is a great way to get control over your grades. At the end of the day, you are in control of what you understand and how well.

The Organizational aspect. One Way to stay organized is to invest in a planner. That way you will never forget something as long as you keep track of writing things down each class, and look in your planner once you get home. As for locker organization. Purchase a locker shelf, it will allow you more room for textbooks and other items you might need. You could also create a routine if you are a very unorganized person. For example, every Friday after school, stay 10 extra minutes and dedicate that time to clean out trash and rearrange your locker for the new week.

The Locating and Memorizing aspect. Every middle school has a “locker set up and get your schedule day” two days (estimate) before school begins. Once you get your schedule, walk your classes 3 or 4 times so that way the on the 1st day of school that is one thing you don’t have to worry about. Also, while you are walking your classes, locate where the bathrooms are and important places like that. As for knowing your schedule, at home just keep repeating your classes over and over again until they are memorized. Another option is you don’t have to memorize. On the 1st day, there will be teachers everywhere helping you locating your classes and you can look at your schedule to know where you are going right then and there.


These are some of the key things you will be faced with in middle school. Also, some ways to conquer them. Remember to be confident because I can guarantee you there will be plenty of people along your middle school journey to help you cope with all of these new things.