The Clubs of Canyon Vista

The Clubs of Canyon Vista

Colin Johnson, Reporter

There are many unique clubs on campus, made for the purpose of after school entertainment. There are some standard ones, such as Origami Club, and Tennis Club, there are some similar clubs like Board Game Club and Dungeons And Dragons Club and tons of other clubs. In total there are 36 (official) clubs here.

It’s actually possible to start your own club. You just need to find a teacher who will sponsor your club. Next you’ll need to get people to join your club. You can put up posters around the school, or put an ad in the lunch slideshow. You’ll get a lot of traffic at the club fair, which this year is Sept.26, though, so be sure to advertise there, too!

So you don’t really want to make a club, huh? Too much work? I don’t blame you. It’s so much easier to just join a club. But with so many clubs, how do you choose one?! Narrow it down to things you like. You like sports? Tennis Club or Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club. I’ve compiled a list of a few short interviews with a few people who’ve been in clubs before.


Augustine Garcia (8):

Me: What clubs were you in last year?

Augustine (Auggie): I was in the Rubiks Cube Club. Man, that was a pretty cool club.

Me: Was it fun?

Auggie: Yeah, it was fun.

Me: What type of stuff did you do?

Auggie: I never completed a single cube. [Chuckles] It was only the 2×2 one.

Me: Oh, that stinks.

Auggie: I know. I think that was the only one I’ve ever finished, and then I was like ‘yeah, I’m done,’

Me: [Chuckles] Did you have any friends in that club with you?

Auggie: Uh, yeah, I think I had one, and then they asked me where I went, and I was like ‘yeah, I’m done, I finished one Rubiks Cube, and that’s my entire goal,’

Me: Nice. Why did you join the Rubiks Cube Club?

Auggie: Because at the time I really liked Rubiks Cubes, and I was like ‘man… I could do this,’ and I figured out there’s actual strategy to doing it and I was like ‘well you know… I can learn it later on,’

Me: [Chuckles] Any other interesting things you want to tell me about the club?

Auggie: Um… there was some pretty cool people in there.

Me: All right. Thanks for the interview

Auggie: No problem.


Ariel Sun (8):

Me: What clubs were you in last year?

Ariel: Wait, hold it. I don’t remember what the name is. [Short pause] Oh! I was in Code for Art.

Me: What type of stuff did you do in the club?

Ariel: We did coding. And we just did designs and stuff.

Me: Cool. Were any of your friend in it?

Ariel: Yes. Like Amber was there. And, a bunch of other people.

Me: Ok. Why did you join Code for Art?

Ariel: Because I wanted to try something new, and I’ve never done coding before.

Me: And, finally, any other interesting things you want to tell me about the club?

Ariel: [Thinks for long period of time] If you enjoy doing art and you enjoy using computers, this is something you should look into.

Me: Awesome. Thank you for the interview.

Ariel: You’re welcome.


Prishub Areban (8):

Me: What club were you in last year?

Pishub: Last year I was in the Entrepreneur Club.

Me: Why did you join this club?

Prishub: Because I thought it would teach me how to make money.

Me: [Chuckles] And, were any of your friends in the club?

Prishub: Well, I made friends in the club…

Me: But, at the start none of your friends were there?

Prishub: …Well, I guess Ginesh was kinda my friend. But, yeah.

Me: Ok. And finally, any other interesting things you want to tell me about?

Prishub: I was in the yearbook, because I got interviewed about the same club last year. It was fun. Half of the people I knew were like [while pointing] ‘you’re in the yearbook! You’re in the yearbook!’ and it was just so funny.

Me: Alright. Thanks for the interview.

Prishub: Any time.


Raiva Chahan (8):

Me: What were some clubs you did in 6th or 7th grade?

Raiva: Uh, I did Bake and Eat Club, Tennis Club, Spanish Club, French Club, Code for Art and… Python Club, I think.

Me: You’ve done a lot of clubs. Which was your favorite, out of all those clubs?

Raiva: Tennis Club. I like tennis because, I like it.

Me: Was it fun?

Raiva: Yeah.

Me: Were any of your friends in Tennis Club with you?

Raiva: I had one friend, we got along with each other, and we played doubles together in tennis.

Me: That’s neat. Why did you join Tennis Club?

Raiva: First, I was forced to by my parents because I needed to do something sporty, but then I started to like it, ya know?

Me: Yeah. I even noticed your Tennis Club shirt you’re wearing.

Raiva: [Looks down at shirt, then stretches it out for a better view]

Me: Any other interesting things you wanted to tell me about?

Raiva: We played a lot of games, and It was actually really fun for me.

Me: Alright! Thanks for the interview.

Raiva: You’re welcome!


So, maybe if your good at something, you need some extra-curricular activities, or even if you just want to belong to something, then a Canyon Vista club is for you! All you have to do is pick a club and talk to the sponsor about joining. And with that, you now know that much more about CVMS clubs.