How To Blend In On Your First Day of School

Nikita Raman

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How To Blend In On Your First Day of School

It’s not easy being new. The big halls, thousands of students and the worst of it all, getting lost. Being new is a whole new story, but being new in school is different. I’m new and here is my experience, so when I first arrived everyone was friendly and helped me get to my class, I didn’t get lost but It was hard getting a place to place in time. What I really loved about this school is the friendly environment, I felt very accepted.

What I found helpful learning on my first day were ways to get to my locker and to class on time. What was also helpful is that you should make a friend who could help you get around. Making friends with someone who is new is amazing too. Let’s just say that you have a mutual understanding when you can’t find your class. The best way to blend is not to worry and not to panic. I was most afraid of getting lost and not making friends, but I found that focusing on your classes and enjoying your self is most important.

Moving on to the scariest part of the school lunch. Luckily, I had made friends with two girls who let me sit with them. One of the most unexpected thing about lunch is the fact that you have to eat really fast that means no chit-chat. If you waste your time talking you’ll never get time to eat. A tip that I learned later was that you should ask a friend who brings food from home and ask them if they can save your place so that you won’t waste time trying to find one.

I have first lunch so that means that I have advisory next. It is so helpful to spend that time studying and using that time to help your self-catch up and to calm down.

I hope you learned things that will help you go through school like a breeze. Remember that if things ever get hard, talk to the teachers at school they’re really helpful and can help you with your problem. Just remember to always to stop for a moment and take a breather if things take tough, but don’t stop in the halls or you’ll get trampled, have a great school year.