What Happened to Johnny Test?


Ayan Momin, Reporter

We all been watching this show, where a kid with flaming hair (Johnny), His sisters (Susan and Mary), and his talking dog (Dukey) get in to big problems with the experiments there sisters make that Johnny touches and then makes a mega monster and then it tries to destroy there wired town. But now let’s see what happened to that show.

We all loved that show it gave us happiness and sadness and more emotions. Just to cut right to the chase –the show got canceled. I know I know everyone is probably very depressed and does not want the show to go away, but we have to tell you guys why it got canceled. One reason the show got canceled is that it was so old it was an 8-year-old show and people stopped watching it so the show producers decided to stop the show for TV.

Some younger parents thought the show was too abusive to others when Johnny would beat up bling, and other enemies he had. Some younger kids watched Nickelodeon and when little kids watched it, their parents would see it and would think the show was going towards bullying and beating each other up. So a lot of kids stopped watching so Johnny Test, and they lost a lot of viewers.

Finally, people hated that Johnny Test would keep having the same problems in every episode. Johnny would touch his sisters’ stuff and a monster would be born and they would attack the town then Johnny, his dog, and his sisters would work together to destroy the monster, and then their dad would get triggered, and then ground them. They would keep doing this but would change the monsters every time. so the show got very boring and that how they lost all their views, and soon the show ended. May we all pray for Johnny Test.