Some Facts About CVMS Orchestra


These are some things about our school orchestra. You may have known this for a long time, but what I mean is to just organize some of those facts. First of all:

1. High ranking

CVMS Honors orchestra ranked 3rd place in the 2019 Texas Music Educators Association Honors Orchestra Competition; basically meaning they are placed in 3rd place in the state! Also, in last year (2017) TMEA Region Orchestra, CVMS orchestra students signed up for the addition, and nearly filled 80% of the Region Orchestra.

2. Our orchestra is diverse 

If you go to an orchestra concert or your one of the orchestra people, you will know that many of the orchestra people are of different ethnicities. Also the higher level orchestra you go, the more diverse members.

3. Lots of violinists

Especially Chamber orchestra, the number of violinists are almost half of the number of students in the orchestra. For an example, 31 violinists are in Chamber orchestra (you can see it by looking how much chairs are needed only in the violin section, and how much space is filled); so the violin section alone matches the number of violists, cellists, and bassists and even harpists. In fact, some of the violinists switched to the viola; because violinists are overflowing, leaving the viola section very small (which basically makes the competitions less fierce than the violinists).

That’s all I know, but if you have something you think is interested that you want to share, I would really like you to leave those facts and opinions with some comments for everyone to share.