What Makes CVMS Great?


Yoonjoo Oh, Reporter

How many of you think our school is great? I guess many of you do. I think CVMS is a quite good place for those who are from another country too. Here are some reasons I picked why;

Many CVMS students are kind. For an example, when I moved over here to Austin, I thought it was impossible to make any friends since it was the middle of the year. But it was different than I thought. Almost everyone was friendly and helpful to me compared to where I came from.

Also, CVMS has a large range of education for students to learn. First, there’s like lots of different subjects to learn. For an example; our school has lots of electives to choose from — many having a good environment to learn. And many elective teachers are fantastic too. Learning things you like makes a school great. Second, there are many diverse cultures to learn and experience. Meeting and interacting with many other cultures can be a really good everyday experience of seeing the world.

CVMS athletes, fine arts, electives, etc, are a high quality. Our sports teams always place for the district, and our fine arts always win at UIL.

CVMS teachers; in my opinion, they are fantastic. They are kind, helpful, understanding, and fun!

That was my opinion of what makes CVMS great. Here are some other students’ opinions;

  • “I think diverse types of people and culture with many different backgrounds and the high-level program of art makes CVMS great.” – Riya Patil (7)
  • “First, lockers; you don’t have to carry them all day. And then, advisory, so you can catch up on homework. Most of all, the library; it’s so big!” – Maithili Trivedi (6)