Love, Simon Movie Review ***Spoilers***

Emma Ross, Reporter

I’m going to be reviewing the movie Love, Simon directed by Greg Berlanti. Now I really wanted to do a  review on this movie because whoever you may be you can find at least one thing to relate to. Also, the director has directed many wonderful movies before (the fault in our stars, etc.). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this movie review and before I get started I just wanted to put out a small disclaimer that there will be spoilers and a lot of what I will be writing is just my opinion on the movie. And I am not trying to offend anyone or anything. Thank you.

First of all, the opening scene is Simon (played by Nick Robinson) explaining how normal his life is from his parents being high school sweethearts to his small friend group. But he has one big secret, he’s gay and no one knows.  I think this was probably the best way to open up the movie because automatically you can either relate or you are hooked in.

He goes on with his day picking up all of his 4 friends for school. I have to say, about three songs have already played and they are wonderful. I really enjoy the soundtrack in this movie I think it goes really well with the theme. After a long day at school, Simon gets a call from his best friend saying there was a post on their school website that there is a gay guy at their school. When he reads it himself he’s confused and probably doesn’t know how to feel. He does the only sensible thing, he emails him. This part was when things got interesting and everyone’s mouth was wide open. The mystery guy goes by Blue and Simon decides to go by Jacques which I think means Simon in French but I could be wrong ( after watching the whole movie “Jaques dit” is French for Simon says). After I while typing back and forth with Blue, Simon is eager to know who he is. Simon started thinking of people who could possibly be Blue. Some guy (Martin) found out about Simon and Blue’s emails and blackmailed Simon saying that if he didn’t help him get one of Simons friends (Abby) to like him he would post the emails. Soon after that Blue said he didn’t want anyone even Simon to know who he was. So to protect Blue’s identity Simon said he would help Martin get Abby. This was a sad part to me. I was upset that Blue and Simon would possibly never get to meet each other and I was mad at Martin for blackmailing Simon. It was sorta an emotion roller coaster.

He slowly rules guys out and its sorta really sad whenever he rules someone out. When Martin gets rejected by Abby he posts simons emails and Blue disappears. Simon also gets bullied at school for being gay. This was probably the saddest part of the movie not only for the viewers but also for Simon. He lost all hope and to be honest I cried at this part. Simon posted a message on his school’s website saying that he is indeed gay and would be waiting for Blue on the Ferris wheel and finally on the last ride Blue comes. It ends up being the first guy he thought it was and they ride on the Ferris wheel. This was the cutest/happiest part. It was a great way to end a great movie.

This movie is probably one of my favorite movies of all time it was heartwarming and relatable. When comes to critiques I don’t really have any.