My Opinion on Student Dresscode

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My Opinion on Student Dresscode

Emma Ross, Reporter

A topic that is very highly debated through middle school and high school is the dress code. I will be discussing my opinion and some of my peer’s opinion on dress code.

Personally, I think the dress code is somewhat fair. I don’t agree with the fact that guys never get dress coded because almost all the rules are directed toward young women.

“I mean I don’t believe it’s that fair because even if females have short clothing it’s not really distracting if you’re doing your work,” Logan Priebe (7) said. “Personally, I have not been dress coded yet.”

And I’m pretty sure Logan isn’t the only guy who hasn’t been dress coded.

Second of all some of the rules are sort of out of place. Like how we can’t wear spaghetti straps and show our shoulders or how we have to wear shorts that are past our fingertips. And that upsets me a lot because since I have really long arms and really long legs and I don’t like how I look in long shorts. And almost all of the teachers say that its because it’s too distracting for boys. I think that’s a horrible excuse.

First of all, boy should not even be looking at us like that and second of all not many boys do (like Logan said).

“I feel a dress code is good as long as it’s not too strict,” Cassidy Miller (7) said. “Our dress code now is a little too strict for my taste. We should be able to show our shoulders and maybe some thigh. I think it’s a little sexist too.”

I very much agree with her on still having a dress code. I’m not trying to say girls should wear the shortest shorts they own, but girls should be allowed to wear shorts that aren’t almost down to their knees.

Instead of teaching young women to not wear clothing that they like because boys are”distracted” by it maybe teach boys that it’s not ok to look at a girl like that.