The Verdict On Nike


As we all know the clothing giant Nike has recently released a new ad campaign along with arguably the most controversial player in the world Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is controversial because of his actions in the NFL, such as ‘taking a knee’ for the pledges. When the pledges would come on Kaepernick, amongst other players, would kneel. This caused him to be released and no one signing him to be on their team just for protesting and raising his voice for something he believed in. So here our students’ thoughts on Nike.

The Nike Shoe Burners

As hating Kaepernick becomes a popular opinion, people are also hating on Nike and burning Nike’s shoes.

“I think that the people burning the shoes can do what they want because they bought the shoes already,” Arish Maredia (8) said.

Those who won’t burn Nike’s shoes instead cease purchasing in the shoes. These people don’t tend to understand the overall message. The message is not protesting the pledges but rather protesting racism throughout America.

“I think that people shouldn’t burn the shoes because Colin Kaepernick is spreading a good message,” Ilm Dhuka (8) said.

These people who are protesting Nike are actually protesting Colin Kaepernick and his actions.

“I think that the protesters are wrong because he (Colin Kaepernick) is spreading a good message,” Ilf Dhuka (8) said.

The Supporters of Kaepernick

These are the people who are in full support of the ad campaign and Nike. These are the people who agree with Colin Kaepernick’s message and the theme he’s trying to spread about oppression and racism. These people sympathize with Colin and realize that he is not protesting the flag but rather protesting the oppression that many feel.

“I don’t know much about the situation but I think that people shouldn’t burn their shoes because it isn’t hurting Nike and it is a waste of good shoes,” Reagan Babbitt (8) said.