Do You Like Dogs Or Cats Better?


Aliyah Carter, Reporter

Do you like dogs or cats more? I like both but if I had to choose, I would choose dogs.

I like dogs because they are very active. I hate when my pets are lazy like a pet fish. Cats are very lazy and they are mean. They scratch a lot and they bite a lot. Dogs can bite, but not unless you raise them well. I hate having to clean up after dogs especially when they use the restroom. Cats use a litter box which is really good. I never had a cat before, but so many of my friends have cats so that is how I know about cats. I had a dog before and let me tell you they are pretty hard to care for unless you have any stay home mom or dad maybe even your grandma or grandpa.


I am going to ask a few friends what their favorite pet is: Dogs Or Cats?

  • Nikita Raman (8) “Dogs because I feel like they are very friendly. Moreover, a cat because of there more of a pet that is very chill and calm but dogs understand you better.
  • Lyla Boretz (8) “They’re very easy to take care of and are super cuddly. Dogs are great but they’re too hyper. People who don’t like cats just don’t know how to treat them.
  • Kavin Thiyagarajan (7) “Dogs because dogs are more loving and more friendly.”
  • Robert Ou (7) “Dogs are in all ways superior because cats sleep all day and then claw you in the face.
  • Mrs. Sharpe “Dogs because I’m allergic to cats and they are kind of creepy. Dogs are awesome.”

After all, I think people like dogs because they are fun and very active and very, very loving pets. I think we can all agree that both of them are cute, but dogs are just so much cuter.