All Hallows Eve: The Legend of the Spooks

Halloween, or SP00KT0BER as you seem to refer to it as.



Everyone knows the name, everyone knows this special time of year. It’s what’s known as… ALL HALLOW- Oh wait. HALLOWEEN.

Everyone knows the holiday, everyone knows the feeling, but no one really knows how it started… Unless I guess, you, like, Googled it or something. ANYWAYS… Basically, some really ancient people believed that was when the harvest ended and the DARKER parts of the year begun. So, they assumed that was prime time for the SPIRITS TO CONNECT TO OUR WORLD! OOOOOOOH! SP00KY! So spirits and fairies could be more active, and stuff.

These entities were known as the Aos Si and were both respected, and feared. (Kinda like the tall people in my grade.) And even when people started believing in other things, that sort of stayed with them. The tradition was, to keep the spirits from messing with you, you would leave food and drinks behind for them to get. I guess that eventually evolved into candy, because I can’t imagine children running around in costumes, getting sandwiches instead of whatever. So the ancient idea of spirits coming back at Halloween kind of spread around the world, with the day of the dead in Hispanic countries, apparently they believed that the spirits telling ones future in Ireland and Britain. And instead, they gave, specifically, apples and nuts to the spirits. So this created multiple different party actives all around the world Like apple bobbing. Still, it wasn’t like our Halloween…

Until the 16th century… That’s when some people believed in Mummification and other stuff. So on All Hallows Eve, they’d go from door to door reciting songs and stuff, in exchange for food. Kind of like Christmas caroling, but for food. Meanwhile, somewhere else, some OTHER people decided to scare people with turnips and stuff carved with sp00ky faces to “ward off evil spirits.” And that’s how jack o’lanterns came into existence.

And so, after generations of molding, that’s how our Halloween came into existence. Hey, better enjoy those candies. It took approximately 600 years for it to get this way.