Why People Think Sports Are Bad


Colin Johnson, Reporter

There are lots of strange stereotypes of people who think sports are bad. If you don’t like sports, people might view you as a freak, or a nerd. Due to the fact that sports have been around for over 2,000 years, people are shunned for not liking them. Although as video games are becoming more and more popular, people aren’t being as shunned as they were, say, in 1970, there are still people being beaten down and made fun of today. That’s why four students have been asked six questions about their opinion on sports, and how we can better predict the fate of sports for the future.

*Note: Some quotes have been slightly altered for clarity*

Question 1: Do you think sports are good or bad?

Every interviewee responded with them saying that they think sports are good. Sambit Kanjilal (6) said that sports are a  good way to get exercise and stay fit. Ella Kansas (7) had a similar opinion by saying that playing sports allows you to maintain a fit and healthy body and that they are good for having a fun time. Tarin Score (8) said that sports allow you to release your emotions, and play to have fun.

Question 2: Do you think sports are too dangerous, too safe, or neither?

Answers to this question were very mixed. Ella Kansas (7) said that it depends on the sport and that some are more dangerous than others. Sambit Kanjilal (6) stated that the risk of sports was in the middle, and left it at that. On the other side of the spectrum, Luke Hagen (8) said that they are fine as they are. Tarin Score (8) said that she thought sports safety depended on the players’ skill level and that they need to monitor what their body can take and do. “I don’t think it’s the sport, it’s how  YOU manage it,”

Question 3: What is your favorite sport (in concept)?

*Disclaimer: ‘In concept’ means they don’t have to have played it, they just like the rules or the like*

Tarin Score (8) and Ella Kansas (7) both had a favorite sport of volleyball. They mentioned that it involved a lot of teamwork, and was just a blast to play. Luke Hagen (8) said that his favorite sport was football. Sambit Kanjilal (6) also had football as his favorite sport but added some reasoning as to why. He said that it looked like a fun game to play and that it looked very challenging to him.

Question 4: What is your least favorite sport(in concept)?

Sambit Kanjilal (6) said that his least favorite sport had to be tennis due to the fact that there is an overabundance of running. Luke Hagen (8) mentioned that his least favorite sport was soccer. Ella Kansas (7) said that her least favorite sport was soccer as well, because of her difficulty moving her feet in complicated ways, and that if she tried, she would trip. Tarin Score (8) said that her least favorite sport was swimming, because of the repetitive, and boring nature of swimming back and forth in multiple laps. She also doesn’t like it due to the lack of teams.

Question 5: Do you think sports players are over/underpaid?

Luke Hagen (8) said that he thought their pay was perfect how it was, yet gave no reasoning behind it. Ella Kansas (7) could not think of a response at all and completely blanked out. Sambit Kanjilal (6) said that he thought that being a sports player was very hard and that they get paid the right amount. Tarin Score (8) stated that sports players are not underpaid, but that male sports players make way too much money compared female sports players.

Question 6: Do you play any sports, and do you enjoy the sports you play?

Tarin Score (8) said that she plays lots of sports and that she enjoys them all. She added that she plays volleyball and basketball. Luke Hagen (8) said that he plays sports and enjoys them greatly. Ella Kansas (7) said that she loves the sports she plays, such as volleyball and tennis, and that she loves them, and that they boost her confidence levels. Finally, Sambit Kanjilal (6) said that he plays soccer, and he also likes to go swimming.