Tips and Tricks to Help you Have a Better Year in Spanish


Ayan Momin, Reporter

Well, some kids think that since there family member or friend took Spanish or is taking Spanish, they should take it, and they think it should be very easy. But if you are a very laid back student and you don’t turn work in time and things like that. Spanish will be very stressful for you and you might have a hard time passing that class, But I will give tips and tricks to help you have a better year in Spanish.

For me, my first year in Spanish was very stressful, and I was very shy because there were always presentations you had too in front of the whole class, And you always had to do a one on one conversation talk with another person in your class, which was also very stressful. But I took it in seventh grade.

My favorite part of Spanish was when we made booklets about the topic we learned because it was very easy, can we did not have to speak in front of the whole class. But my grade in Spanish was always great because I always turned work in time, and I would always practice for the test — that’s would get my grade up. I would always lose some points on my grade when we would to any presentations or the 1-on-1 conversation. I hated it because you had to talk in front of the entire class, and if you mess up the class sometimes would laugh at you, which would make you lose your spirit, and then you would just give up and stop presenting. That’s why I would hate doing those presentations.

I have some tips and tricks that can help you get a better grade in Spanish and make the class seem like it is way easier, and make it less stress-free.

  1. The first tip I recommend you to do is make an agenda that, you can add your homework and project due dates to it, so you can know when the test is and when to start practicing for them.
  2. Study for test and quizzes 2-3 days before, because then you can know the things you need to know before the test/ project starts.
  3. Practice vocab the day you get it, because if you already know most of your vocab, tests and homework will be very easy to do.
  4. While you are about to do a speak in front of the whole class, hold a parer clip in your hand so then you fell way less stressed, and you can focus on your presentation.
  5. Try to complete your bigger projects and homework before your shorter ones, because then once you finish the big ones you don’ t have to do much work afterward

In conclusion, Spanish is a very stressful class if you do not pay attention and practice a lot, it will be very hard to pass. But if you use my tips and tricks in Spanish class, your time in Spanish will be very easy, and way less stressful, and you will rock a very good grade in that class.