Lockers vs. Backpacks

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Lockers vs. Backpacks

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When you walk down the halls, in between each classroom, there are lockers. Everywhere you look are there are also backpacks. Students are consistently shoving things in and pulling things out of lockers. Backpacks the creation of Dick Kelty is also at every corner. So both of these things are common occurrences in a middle school but which one is better. When I asked students which one they preferred students responded with mixed emotions.


Let’s Ask Students:

“Lockers because lockers are easier to use and I don’t want to carry everything around”- Anneke Van der Meer (6) this is a good point but lockers might not be to everyone’s taste. An argument against lockers are…

“Backpacks because my locker is on the 3rd floor and four minutes is not enough time”- Benson Toney (7) This is also a good point backpack work for some might not work for everyone. Some people use a bit of both.

“I use a backpack to walk to  school but I put my backpack in my locker… backpacks are handy but lockers can also be handy”- Elinor Engle (6)    Image result for lockers


Pros and cons

Both backpacks and lockers have their pros and cons. Pros for lockers are that you don’t have to carry your stuff from class to class and also for security, no-one (unless you tell people your combination) should know your combination. On the flip side, some classes might be too far away from your locker like in the case of Benson Toney. On the topic of backpacks,  A pro for backpacks is that you always have unlimited access to your school supplies, but backpacks might be heavy and could hurt your back.

So a winner needs to be decided. Let’s tally up the votes ( 1 1/2 votes each), it’s a tie! How are we going to pick a winner? Since backpacks aren’t allowed in the hallway. Lockers are victorious.