What Students Thought of Arsenic and Old Lace


Evan Tucker, Reporter

The school play is finally over, and here are peoples opinions on it. Warning on spoilers! If you would like to see the classic movie, I suggest seeing it. It’s hilarious and entertaining, but it’s better unexpected.

Rebecca Clements: 9/10

“I liked the play. It was good and was funny. I really liked that it actually looked like Mortimer was crying when he was tied to the chair.”

Mercy Forister: 8-9/10

“It was funny, not all serious.”

Shraddha Chaudari: 8.5/10

“It was very entertaining to watch, but I liked Jack’s casting better than Anderson’s.”

Asfaa Ali: 10/10

“I thought it was super funny, and the first scene was really funny because the aunts were totally oblivious to what they were doing, and they were thinking ‘oh, this is normal. This is totally fine’, but then Mortimer was all like ‘NO IT’S NOT! That’s not normal! Don’t kill people!” And then when Mortimer was like, pushing Elaine away, that was hilarious. I had to leave early though, so I didn’t like that.”

Cleo Steinhauser: 9-10/10

“I went to go see Arsenic and Old Lace on Saturday an I think all of the actors and actresses were very talented and worked very well together. it had a lot of comedy, but it also had a lot of really good plot.”

Abby Winkelman: 10/10

“I went to see it on Saturday, and I thought it was a very good play. The actors and actresses worked together very well and they really embodied their character. They showed so much emotion.”

Final Thoughts: 9.25/10 (average of the ratings)

Being a viewer of the play also, I can agree with many of the things brought up. I thought it was a great play overall, even if I haven’t seen the movie. The actors worked well together and it seemed very natural with the overall flow. It was very funny and entertaining to watch.

And I wonder who played Teddy in the play… Evan Tucker? He seems like a handsome young man…