Dodgeball: The School’s Most Dreaded Sport

We all know the sport. Just some of us hate it and some don’t.


Andrew Watson, Reporter

We all know the sport. Famously infamous. Dodgeball: The most brutal sport of them all. Where you stare at your opponents as the mercy drains from their eyes, In the unforgiving wasteland known as gym class.  When the shriek of the whistle fills the stadium, you scramble for a ball, only to be struck down, your failure evident to all. (Okay, that was a little dramatic.) It’s actually just about throwing balls at people to win a game. It does give the idea of no pain no gain, so that can be both good and bad. However, It’s common knowledge that lots of people hate this.

I ran a poll to ask about whether people liked it or not. It turned out, all of them said yes. That wasn’t what I was expecting. I looked thoroughly through the internet trying to find anyone who disagrees with the sport, but, what I got was something else. Instead of children, the schools were hating dodgeball and trying to get rid of it. Apparently, it’s considered “warlike, unfair, and exclusionary,” so that wasn’t what I was expecting.

For years now, dodgeball has been a part of our society. Augustus Hagerson created the sport in Africa during 1832. Except, it wasn’t a game back then. It was a Military exercise. Instead of rubber balls or foam balls that already hurt enough if they hit you in the right place, (My right thumb got hit directly and it got sprained) they would throw rocks and try and dodge them. If you get hit, it’s game over! Literally, you’d be pretty injured.

Apparently, despite angry moms running to the principals’ office every day to rant about how dodgeball is horrible and “warlike” The game is still pretty big. There is an actual market for the sport. The NDL (National Dodgeball League) was formed in 2004 and they even hold championships! I wonder what the trophy is like…

Well, I tried to dig up some more stuff on dodgeball, but I’m lazy and just stopped looking (just kidding, I actually couldn’t find anything) But hey, I really like dodgeball, and most other people also seem to like it. I really hope that the schools change their minds on dodgeball and bring the sport back so we can determine who will survive the longest in a room with rubber balls being hurled at each other.