White House Invites Vladimir Putin to Washington


Ayan Momin, Reporter

Vladimir Putin’s invitation from the White House to Washington D.C could end in many ways. This is the first time Vladimir Putin has been invited to Washington D.C since 2015. But during 2015 Vladimir Putin was not a great threat to America, and he was not being accused of anything. But since 2017 he has been accused of a lot of things, which makes America thinks of him as a very great threat, So a lot of Americans don’t want Vladimir Putin to come to Washington D.C. But I want to tell people what probably might happen during the Vladimir Putin Visit to Washington D.C.

Bad things that might happen 

There will be things that will go wrong, since of all the hatred America had towards him and Russia. Well, the main thing I see Americans doing is a protest in front of the White House. The main reason I think they will do that is, that when Kim Jung UN visited the White House, people stood at the fence, in front of the White House and protested against Kim Jung UN’s apparel in the white house. So I imagine the same would happen during Vladimir Putin’s visit.

Another thing that might happen is riots. I think there will be riots because President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, was hated by his own country because of all the bombings he conducted on his own country, and all the innocent children his army opened fire on. These are the reasons people did a lot of riots in Syria, and Americans think the same of Vladimir Putin, so I suppose there will be a lot of riots in the D.C area and there will be a lot of people going to be put in jail.

I think also think that the visit will cause people to have hatred against Donald Trump. Even if you hate Donald trump or like him this visit might urge you to hate on him. So Donald Trump might not have such a great time afterward, after all of the bad articles being written after him.

We also still need Vladimir Putin to accept the invitation, if he does not accept it, then we can have the visit.

Good things that might happen    

Well, not everything will go bad, there will still be some things that might go in favor of America or Vladimir Putin. But we still don’t know what will exactly happen, when the visit happens.

One thing I think will go well for Vladimir Putin, is that if he meets with Donald Trump, he can actually make ties with America and persuade America that he is a great leader and he does not want to have a bad name against America. Which is probably is the only good opportunity he has to convey to America that he is not trying to be a bad person.

One good thing that will go well for America is that this visit is a good way for the U.S to catch Vladimir Putin’s Boating’s he has been accused of, like messing with the presidential election votes. So the U.S could easily catch Putin for fraud.

In conclusion, this visit could end in many ways, Good or Bad, But for sure we want this to end in good terms between American and Russia. But we still need Putin to accept the invitation