Teachers’ Favorite Scary Movie


Aliyah Carter, Reporter

What is your favorite scary movie? My favorites are Hocus Pocus and Monster House. Because I’ve been watching them since I was little. I find Monster House very funny and is very enjoyable to watch. That’s why I have watched it like seven times this October. I really like Hocus Pocus because there are three witches one is the smart one, one is not smart, and one is the funny one. I think others would most likely like the ones that I like. So now I am going to ask some teachers what their favorite movies are and why they like them so much:

What Is Your Favorite Movie And Why?

Mrs. Sharpe, Hocus Pocus, because it reminds me of when I saw it at 10 years old and I think the characters are very funny.

Mrs. Davalos, Charlie Brown and the Great Big Pumpkin, because I love Snoopy and I love Charlie Brown.

Mrs. Apperson, Coraline because it just has that really good story and at the same time it’s creepy.

Mrs. Stiles, Edward Scissorhands because it is different from everything else.

Mrs. Maddox, Gremlins because they start out all cute and then they turn into these monstrous creatures.

Mrs. Palmer, The Original Halloween because it was just scary and it was classy.

Mrs. Gooseman, Casper because it was just sweet.

Mr. Ramirez, Donnie Darko because it has to do with science fiction and time travel and it has to do with the urgency before the apocalypse.

Mrs. Loera, Nightmare On Elm Street because I like creepy things and I like the character illustrations.

Mrs. Simonetti, Freddy Krueger because it was scary and I hate scary but I watched it anyway.


I think my favorite movie out of all the movies the teachers named was Edward Scissorhands. Because I think it is really funny and I feel bad because people think he is weird and they won’t hang out with him. That makes me scream at the TV.