What’s the Deal With: Show Dogs?


Movieclip Trailers: Showdogs

What's the Deal With Showdogs?

Evan Tucker, Reporter

‘Show Dogs’ is an interesting kid movie. A cheap cash grab made by Global Road Entertainment who’s notorious for making awful movies, such as ‘A.X.L,’ ‘The Nut Job’, ‘Max Steel,’ ‘Silent Hill: Revelation,’ ‘Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature,’ ‘Spark,’ ‘Justin Bieber’s Believe,’ and their upcoming ‘Playmobil: The Movie’ to name a few. The director of this movie, Raja Gosnell, is also notorious for making awful movies such as the live action Scooby Doo movies and Home Alone 3. With these sugars and spice, and nothing nice, you get the perfect bad movie: Show Dogs. But the pure lack of quality is not the only thing interesting about this film. So, what’s the deal with ‘Show Dogs?’


Movieclip Trailers: Showdogs

‘Show Dogs’ is a movie that has dogs in it. Other than that, there really is no other selling point. The film contains bad puns, bad acting, bad references, and bad “comic relief cute animal characters that are badly animated with CGI XD”; the four horsemen of the movie-pocalypse. The voice actors for the dogs could’ve phoned it in better than what they did in this movie. The human actors are the only cast members that even give notice that this film will be shown to audiences. Bad references are everywhere, including Scooby Doo, Indiana Jones, Life of Pi (for some reason), Lego Movie, Lego Batman Movie, and dabbing if that counts. The comic relief in this movie being pigeons, are awful in every way. When I first saw them, I couldn’t believe that this was the same movie. With graphics that could only come from ‘Bolt’, the pigeons look unsettling with the outside settings. I swear, the animators for this took the Bolt models and put it in the movie to fill in time. So why is ‘Show Dogs’ getting so much more attention than your average bad movie?



Okay, this movie is horrendous already, being a bad kid movie about a dog that goes undercover in a pack of show dogs to solve who smuggled a baby panda, but it had a lot of controversies that was pulled from theaters. The most famous of the few, Max the police dog is scared because he must become a show dog. He’s mostly scared because show dogs get a check, and he doesn’t want that. Philippe, the dog that does the dabbing that we need, tells him to “Go to his zen place and you’ll get rewarded.” It sounds awful enough, yet the controversy comes when this is the same tactic child groomers use to harass children. What rubs salt in the wounds is that they play “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. I honestly think that the scene was outrageous and unneeded, with the blandest and weirdest attempt at character development. Yet apparently, others think that everyone overreacted about this, calling the mother who originally found it out over dramatic and a time waster and saying that the scene was “not for her demographic.”

There are more scenes that don’t fit with the fun theme of the movie, including a scene that has a shot of the smuggled panda in a cage has a resemblance to child kidnappings, genuine arguments that I swear came from a scrapped production, police stuff like stakeouts, and mature talks. Boy how I love how this film puts so many dark things in a talking dog movie.


Somehow, the people writing and filming this thought that it was okay for the children of the public to see this movie, and realized it with no second thoughts. For my final closure, I’d like to spread some of the awful things this movie has to offer.