Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review


June Jung, Reporter

The Bohemian Rhapsody movie is a story of a band, a legendary band, and the man behind it all. Freddie Mercury was head of the band Queen. He was a lead singer and was self-assured, confident.

The Beginning of Queen

Before he met the band, he was a songwriter and was watching a band out of the corner of his eye, and eventually, offered them his songs. They said he was too late, their lead singer just quit, and a smile spread on his face. He then offered his voice. “I can sing too you know!” They didn’t believe him until he began to sing as he walked away. They were shocked by his four-octave range and asked him if he played bass. “Nope!” he said, and he walked away into the building. He was hired but the fans didn’t like Freddie Mercury’s looks, he had deformed teeth and a strange face.

After some years they decided they were getting sick of playing at the same bar with the same people, so they decided to apply for a loan to buy a studio. They went extremely into debt but produced more songs, with different sounds. After a few months, a famous music producer had heard their songs and asked if they could have a meeting. They obviously agreed and the producer asked them how they were any different from any other wannabe rock stars. “We are some misfits that play music for other misfits, who feel like they don’t belong in the room. We belong to them,” he said. The producer hired them and they went on to write many songs, and participate in many tours until they made a song called Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This song was six minutes long, which infuriated the producer, songs longer than three minutes could not be played on the radio so people wouldn’t hear the song. The song was also known to be very different from other parts of itself and it had different genres mixed in. This song is what made Queen most famous. The band quit from the producer, the producer saying “No one will ever play Queen again.”

BOY WAS HE WRONG! Here I am writing about a legendary band, which broke apart after Freddie Mercury died of AIDS (pneumonia-related). This movie is a blockbuster, in my opinion, it is one of the best historical fiction movies ever. Freddie Mercury was finally put into detail, visually and emotionally. The band Queen still lives on with a new lead singer, but I think we all agree it will never be the same. This movie really showed a lot of us that music is a really powerful thing. It can bring people together, tear people apart, and even sway the opinions of others. It allows us to express ourselves and back up our emotions, that’s why I love this movie.