A Talk With Some Of The CVMS Basketball Students


Aliyah Carter, Reporter

I asked a few CVMS basketball players on how they are liking the basketball season. I personally think that the basketball season is going great. because of all the hard work the team is putting in. We work way too hard just to not win games. We even wake up at 6:45 every morning. That is what I hate about the basketball season. But it’s totally worth it because we still win our games.  I asked a few people that are in basketball how they like the basketball season and this is what they said.

What The Students Said

Mia Bibbo (8), “So far it’s been really fun, it has been a little hard waking up every morning to go to practice at 6:45 but Mrs.Ramirez is a great coach and I love playing with all the girls.”

Cassidy Denton (8), “I like the basketball season a lot so far because you can build a really good bond with your teammates and it’s really worth all the hard work we put in.”

Kane Seghi (8), “It’s a fun time playing with my friends and teammates and playing the sport that I love.”

Grace Chao (8), “I think it’s fun because I get to play my favorite sport with my friends.”

Olivia Yang (8), “I think its really fun the coach is really great and our team is working really great.”

Henery Chuo (8), “It’s good and I think we have a stronger team this year and I think well do better.”

Terin Score (8), “I really like it was having tons of fun and I really like to play with new girls and try new things.”

Zach Harris (8), “So far this year I think the basketball team is a lot better than last year and I fill like we won’t lose as many games.”